AngularJS with ASP.Net MVC (Part 1)

A step by step tutorial on how to use AngularJS with ASP.Net MVC


There are numerous articles and tutorials about this on the web and even on YouTube, none of them were complete and as satisfying as I wanted them to be. Using AngularJS with MVC is a well talked topic and I have drafted a series of posts which will show you how I have done it myself in many of the projects during my learning of Angular and implementing in the small to large scale web applications.

Getting Started

I am going to use Visual Studio 2015 with a few Extensions for this series. Here is the link for you to download these extensions:

  1. Web Essentials
  2. Productivity Power Tools

Along with that you will require to have node.js and bower package manager installed for getting the required JavaScript libraries. For the starting point here we are going to use a minimal project template, so that I can add the required libraries and components as and when required. This makes the learning easy and the project as lean as possible. The primary language for the project is going to be C#, but you can use VB.Net if you are comfortable with that. I assume that you have a prior knowledge of ASP.Net MVC and JavaScript and also aware of AngularJS in some extent, because I will not be touching all the concepts of these technologies here in this series. Once you have all the required components installed, you are ready to continue on this tutorial.

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