Tools: vCard Splitter Application

Name: vCard Splitter
Application: splits the phonebook.vcf into contact.vcf files.
Requirement: Copy contacts from Sony to Nokia or other phones.


So many of my friends have asked me who are moving from Sony to other brand for Mobile phones, specially to Nokia, that they want to copy there contacts. and they are not able to do that. There are many ways to that out of them one is to export the whole address book from Sony and split it into individual contact file and transferring them to your other handset.


You can use the below steps to do that:

  1. Open your address book in the Sony Mobile.
  2. Use Options -> Advance -> Send All Contacts -> Via Bluetooth.
  3. Select the Computer where you need to send the Contacts from the searched devices.
  4. Download the vCard Splitter from here (old version removed).
  5. Extract and open the application.
  6. Select the “whole phonebook.vcf” file in the input file.
  7. Select the output directory where the vCard files need to be created after splitting.
  8. Click on Split button.
  9. Open the output directory.
  10. Transfer them to your other handset.


Above method depends on the type of the handsets you are having at both ends.


Thanks to all you guys suggesting out the features and finding out the problems in the applications. I have updated the vCard Splitter Application nearly re-writing the most of the code. You can download the new updated version from below mentioned link.

vCard SplitterĀ v1.1

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