Windows 7 (Seven) Shortcuts

Here are few very nice and useful shortcuts available in Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 7 (Seven):

Win + Home Minimize all the windows except the current window.
Win + SpaceBar Key Visible windows becomes transparent so you can see the desktop.
Win + Up Arrow Maximize the current window.
Win + Shift + Up Arrow Vertically Maximize the current window.
Win + Down Arrow Restore / Minimize the current window.
Win + Left Arrow Fit window in the left half of the screen.
Win + Right Arrow Fit window in the right half of the screen.
Win + Number (1-9) Open the in the order arranged in the taskbar.
Win + Ctrl + Number (1-9) Toggle the opened windows in same order as they are on taskbar
Win + Alt + Number (1-9) Open Jump List of the apps in the same order as they are on taskbar.
Win + T Focus the taskbar buttons to navigate in.
Win + B Focus the System Tray butoms to navigate in.
Ctrl + Shift + N Create New Folder in explorer or desktop.
Alt + Up Arrow Move up a directory level.
Alt + P Open/Close preview pan in explorer.
Win + P Select the display mode if multiple displays are attached.
Win + Num Pad (+/-) Magnifier Zoom In/Out.
Win + G Navigate in Desktop Gedgets
Win + L Lock Computer (old shortcut)
Win + Tab Windows 3D.

Design Patterns

What is a Design Pattern?

If you are here reading this post you might be looking a knowledge on Design Patterns and the first question which comes on anyone’s mind is “What is a Design Pattern?”. Lets answer this question in your own way.

You are person who know the syntax of a programming language and you are able to successfully convert any requirement into the code. One fine morning you reach office and your senior tells you about a new project requirement. You understood the requirement and have decided whats need to be done and what are the object of classes required to achieve this. But internally, whole the time from beginning to the end of the development you always know that there can be a better way to achieve this, and of course you search for other solutions to. Whatever you decide to implement you will finish off the task, but was that the best solution for the requirement? When this question comes in to you mind, the answer can be only given in terms of Design Patterns.

A design Pattern is nothing but a conceptual way to represent a reusable solution for a typical problem.

Here is a list of all known Design Patterns:

  1. Strategy Design Pattern
  2. Decorator Design Pattern
  3. Factory Design Pattern
  4. Observer Design Pattern
  5. Chain of Responsibility Design Pattern
  6. Singleton Design Pattern
  7. Flyweight Design Pattern
  8. Adapter Design Pattern
  9. Facade Design Pattern
  10. Template Design Pattern
  11. Builder Design Pattern
  12. Iterator Design Pattern
  13. Composite Design Pattern
  14. State Design Pattern
  15. Proxy Design Pattern
  16. Command Design Pattern
  17. Mediator Design Pattern
  18. Abstract Factory Design Pattern
  19. Prototype Design Pattern
  20. Bridge Design Pattern
  21. Interpreter Design Pattern
  22. Memento Design Pattern
  23. Visitor Design Pattern
  24. Circular Design Pattern
  25. Double Buffer Design Pattern
  26. Recycle Bin Design Pattern
  27. Model-View-Controller Design Pattern
  28. Model-View-View-Model Design Pattern

I will updating the details of each kind of design patterns as soon as they are ready to be posted.

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