jQuery Plugin Release – jQuery Spinner Control

I was from a long time searching for a best spinner control (spin button / stepper button) to be used in the web pages, but non of them available on the internet were able to satisfy my requirement in a very simple way. so I decided to create one by myself.

This control in its simplicity is very powerful and is capable of doing the things in a very easy way. I general use where you have a dropdown input available, you find a very less scope of this kind of control, but when you are thinking fancy and have a RIA application, where you want something sleek and compact, you probably start looking for a control something like this. writing more about this control (jQuery Plugin) and documenting again over here in this post seems to be just a waist of time, when a nice documentation with a few online samples are available on the plugin site.

Here is theĀ download.

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