Better ToDo It – A Google Chrome Extension for Better Task Management

When ever I looked out for something simple but feature rich application where I can manager my todos in the simplest way, I struggled alot to find nothing.

I was looking for a to do management application where I can manage my todos locally (and optionally with server sync). The applications should be so simple, that I should be able to just add tasks and put some notes over there. All the applications I saw were server client based applications or windows based applications.

Why it is not possible to have an application which has the power of a windows like application and beauty of the web application. It is possible, I thought, Better To Do It myself. I created the Google Chrome (if you are not using this browser, you should give it a try, a simple yet powerful browser) extension and named it Better ToDo It. The extension is my very early efforts of providing an in browser ToDos and Notes management application, where the user need not to be dependent on the internet connection for its regular operations.  This extension I have published in Beta form to the chrome web store with very few entry level features coded. Currently one can

  • add task
  • modify task
  • add notes
  • delete tasks
  • reset the local task data from options page of the extension.
the application is so light weight that one wouldn’t even notice that it is running.

Here are the silent features of the app yet to be developed or enhanced:

  • normal features
    • totally offline for the regular operations like manage the tasks and notes.
    • set the task priority
    • set the task category
    • custom categories
    • custom priority
    • grouping and sorting by different prime properties of todo items
    • provide search feature
  • pro features
    • sync with central server
    • sync with google task
    • password protected list
    • and lots more

The main target of making this extension is that an application, which does exactly what is meant to do. If some applications is not doing that the way, I will suggest Better ToDo It your self.

You can visit the extension’s web store page here Better ToDo It and try it. Do post your reviews here or on the Google Chrome Extension’s Page. I am in a way to develop the features you request.

Start managing your tasks with Better ToDo It, from Today!!

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