Trying to revive myself

When I started this blog, like 13-14 years back, I was not thinking that I will not be regular here. But, time has its own way. I have been busy in doing things and of course learning the life too. I have left many things behind now.

The focus which I am trying to build now is

  • improve health
  • learn and share the new tech and knowledge
  • build a new career and future

In past 5 years, I have kept myself super busy and with a dream which I thought was worth, but now it seems that I have been holding the wrong hands. Never mind no time is wrong time, if you come out of that with a lesson learnt.

The Future

I have a few product ideas in mind and have started evaluating the same. I will share with you what’s in my mind very soon. Also, I have decided to go fully into freelance consulting in the technologies like NodeJS, Angular, Firebase, Cyclos, React-Native, .Net (C#) etc.

I have been with fintech and payments domain for quite sometimes and have implemented large enterprise scale solutions and build many products in fiat and crypto domain. I think now I am ready to fly to heights higher than the clouds.

I hope I will be able to bring new things for you all and contribute towards the community along with what I am trying to achieve.

Anant Anand Gupta