How To: Setup SharePoint 2010 Development Environment on Windows 7

SharePoint 2010 Development Environment

Setup SharePoint 2010 Development Environment on Windows 7

This video targets the SharePoint Development Environment Setup on a Windows 7 machine. It showcase primarily the way a Standalone instance of the SharePoint server can be installed to do development for the SharePoint Projects. This video covers following set of installations:

  1. SharePoint Server 2010
  2. SharePoint Designer 2010 64bit
  3. Visual Studio 2010
  4. SQL Management Studio 2010 Express

When we install the SharePoint server in the standalone mode the Express edition of the SQL Server will be installed automatically, so we need not to install the SQL Server separately. Only in case we need to access and manage the database directly we need to install the SQL Server Management Studio, otherwise you can skip the step all together.

Here is the document talking about the step by step details (also showcased in the video below)

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How To: Install PHP on IIS in Windows 8 Easily

install php on IIS

Install PHP on IIS in Windows 8

There are many people, who come to me asking, is there any simple way of installing PHP on my PC with Windows and IIS. The answer is, Yes.

Thanks to Microsoft for providing a great tool named Web Platform Installer. This tool is capable of setting up your machine for different tested and tried configuration. It can install many applications & packages. I always used this tool prepare the servers and development environment. However it has only one lack of feature, “Offline Installations”. I am still happy as most of the time when I am configuring the environments, the Internet is available and this tool can quickly download the latest one over the Internet. I have prepared a short video for the same.

How To: Create USB Installation Stick for Windows 7 64bit and 32bit

Create USB Installation Stick

Create USB Installation Stick for Windows 7 64bit and 32bit

There are chances that you are playing a role of IT engineer, who has to install many windows OS every day and you are tired of with the traditional way of installation the OS from DVD. Well in that case you can use a USB stick to install the OS from.

You just need an empty USB stick and the source iso image for the windows operating system. to create a USB installation stick you need to download windows usb / dvd download tool from Microsoft and follow the below guide.