Is Atria Convergence Technologies (ACT Fibernet) the Worst Service / Customer Service?

My experiance with ACT Fibernet started almost a decade ago when I moved from then newly launced Relaince provided wireless Internet Services (which was assumed by me as the worst experiance of that time). ACT was able to bring a relief as they were able to quickly bring the internet to my doorsteps. …BUT

Soon I realized that thier infrastructure in Bangalore was very new and the distribution design was not efficiant. They were reliant on the local node setup on the rooftops of your neighbours. A detailed review at that time was posted by me on this site itself that time too. Though the nodes were battery backed up, but the power cuts where draining the batteries very fast. The whole echo system gose down with that. After continous / multiple complaints, they started improving. Over the years I will say that I have been a satisfied customer of this service. So satisfied that I have been refering my friends to prefer ACT over other service providers. Then this happened …

I moved from the locality where I was staying to a new area where the service was not so good. I remember telling my friends to go for ACT in this area and they always said no, and others in this Area is not having any good experiance with ACT, which always surprised me as I was happy. This all happiness all of sudden disapeared as soon as I realized myself that the service is actually bad in the area.

I have repetedly complained about poor internet speed, frequently getting disconnection and not being able to access all the sites / application most of the time. And My surprise the solution was alway received by a ticket getting closed without resolution.

Since I need to work, and need a internet connection all the time, i had to opt for a second service provider (Airtel) this time. To My surprise the service and customer service of Airtel is much prompt and stable. Since there is no other good service provider (except that shitty reliance service named Jio who has the only moto of sucking money) I had to keep both the connection for the sake of redundancy and backup.

ACT never improved, and Airtel started getting some connectivity issues too. which made me look back to ACT. I started using the same as my daily driver. But truly speaking it is a nightmare. Nothing works Netflix, Hotstar, Prime TV etc. many services and applications don’t work many sites are not accessible and you wont believe that search pages like Google and Bing wont work many times.

I open a ticket and the service team will suggest to restart the router or wait for some time so that the connection will be restored automagically, without them doing anything. The customer support is no more existing. Nodal officers are not responding or taking pain for the customer complaints. From last 2 months I have been following the tickets open and close game. I open a ticket they close the ticket.

Here are a few resolutions they provide and close the ticket:

  1. don’t use Google DNS or any other Third-party services
  2. your internal network should be as simple as router to laptop as lan connection, anything else is BS and is not supported.
  3. if you are using anything which is not connected by LAN, will not get speed or may get issues in connection dropping or site not reachable etc. (this all in the world of wifi)
  4. I have a internet WAN load balancer setup just to keep high availaibilty in place, and the so called engineers of ACT are not aware of that how this works, they simply say the other provider is creating issues in their internet … lol.
  5. You have to use the service on their router only.
  6. it is your fault and no investigation is needed at the ACT side.

so basically totally crap.

I am sure many out of your have faced the issues with ACT Fibernet and many of you might have been happy customers of ACT, but it seems that we realise the truth only when we face problem. If the internet is working flawlessly then you never know the kind of support you are going to recieve at the end.

I wish ACT Fibernet improve their services and customer support over time.

and for you all reader of this honst and short grudgeful review please share your experiance with your serice provider in the comments. Thanks!