News: iOS 8 Brings in Flickr Integration

iOS 8 Brings in Flickr Integration on Board

Yesterday, 17 September 2014 Apple launched its next big update of iOS and reached to version 8. With this update they have introduced many new features and one among them is Flickr and Vimeo integration. iOS was already having twitter and Facebook on the board till yesterday. as you can see in the image below, now you can link your Flickr and Vimeo accounts with your iOS device.

iOS Settings Screen

Once you have provided your credentials in the iOS Settings for the Flickr, you will be able to see the Flickr share option in the Photos app. for demonstration I have opened a picture in my Photos app and clicked on share icon at the bottom left Corner. This popped up the sharing control center, showing all the sharing option available, Flickr being one of them.

Sharing Center in Photos App
Sharing Center in Photos App Showing Flickr

Now you can scroll through the images in the above pan and select upto 10 pictures, before the Flickr sharing is disabled (It seems that Apple has introduced a limit on number of images can be shared on Flickr at once). After selecting app the photos you pick Flickr to share your photos and the Flickr sharing option dialog opens up, something like this

Share on Flickr from Photos App
Share on Flickr from Photos App

Here on this dialog you can provide your sharing comments select the Album / Photo Set and select the Audience and commit the post.


  • You Don’t need to rely on third party Apps in case you generally share a pic or two.
  • The Application which require Flickr access can receive it centrally from the iOS. You need not to manage the Application access individually.
  • It uploads the full size images to Flickr from within the Photos app.


  • There is limit of 10 photos which can be shared at a time with Flickr using the Photos app and that is too small for Professionals.
  • There is no configuration where you can restrict the upload size. It always uploads the full sized image.
  • You can not create a new Photo Set or Album. The Photos can only be uploaded to an existing one or none.

Missing Feature:

There should be an option to see the Flickr photos / albums in the Photos app, which will be the nicest feature to be appreciated by most of the people.


As it is a big step for Apple to bring more social media integration on board, they need to work hard to make the features likable by most if not by everyone. I kind of like the new Flickr integration to begin with. I hope Apple will be working hard to make the users of its iOS devices happier. Let us know what you all think about these features … leave a comment below.

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