Google Hangout on Android – Immature Early Release

Whereas, it is totally unfair to the users of android devices having Talk application installed and Google is asking them to replace it with Hangout application. There are many users who just need simple chat tool which runs in background and keeps the status updated. Communication with talk application is very quick and light weight. There are features like status update, see online friends and distinguish between the status of different contacts by sorting them by status. New hangout does miss certain features like

  • Visually distinguishable contacts.
  • See who is online.
  • Which device is the user logged in at … like mobile our web or desktop.
  • Is user idle or away … and many more.

These two application however currently uses same base communication service. They are quite different from their usage and liking. I will say that in certain devices hangout can’t take place of talk application and android mobile device is one of them. Google should make some hand shaking with each other and try to coexist on the android mobile. Or Google should leave it on the device user to choose between these two in case they can’t coexist.

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