ACT Broadband Review – Pathetic Broadband Service

ACT Broadband Review

ACT Broadband Review – Pathetic Broadband Service

This broadband is good in terms of the Speed Only.

If you are a user who need high speed and happy with that, you can go for that. But as an IT Professional I consider many other things, like

  • Connection Speed and Price
  • Connection Downtime
  • Customer Care Support Availability
  • Initial Setup Hassle
  • Infrastructure Backend

I will discuss about that one by one here onwards.

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30 thoughts on “ACT Broadband Review – Pathetic Broadband Service”

  1. Hi Anant Anand Gupta,

    We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. We will make sure the problem is resolved at the earliest. Please provide us your registered contact number or a Customer ID and we will get back to you ASAP.

    ACT Broadband

    1. I contacted ACT office for a new connection in Koramangala 4th B Block area. The sales guy came to my home to collect all the relevant document, sent message from my mobile to their office for activation/confirmation. he collected all the document with cheques of around 7000 Rs and after 10 days when I contacted ACT, the customer care executive told me there is no data available. I was just wondering about the cheques payment but It was not cleared because I crossed and removed bearer from it. The sales boy’s employee ID was 1963(Vasavraj). After calling 3-4 times to customer care and writing mail to nodal officer I didn’t get any positive response from them. I stopped payment for the cheque. Still I am not sure if the documents(Signed copy of Passport and Pan card etc) are misused or not but I don’t have any faith on them and finally decided not to go with them. ACT is truly a unprofessional company. Nobody takes responsibility here, the customer care executive cuts the call after listening your problems. Beware of ACT.

      Still I have my SAF no. and the copy of sms, copy of receipt everything in case required in future to take any action. I am just waiting for response from nodal officer.

    2. Beware of ACT.

      ACT is truly a unprofessional company.
      Nobody takes responsibility here, the customer care executive cuts the call after listening your problems.

      Raviprasad Reddy

  2. I have got the call from one of your fellow talking about the problems I have mentioned, but where is the solution. I am still getting regular disconnections of the internet now and then. If you say talking is the solution and addressing the issue, I don’t consider it is. And moreover, in this post though I am taking references of problems I am facing but, in fact I am telling about the weakness and flaws in the system and setup created by ACT. I have already discussed these same points with the person who has called me, where he agreed that these are the flaws and many can’t be rectified as it is how it is designed. He will be taking forward my concerns to the next level but with no guarantee. He also offered to setup one switch box at my premise, where I also commented off with uninsured reliability of the power supply to the box, which is the same case with every individual who is hosting the switch box on behalf of ACT. So again, the purpose of the post is not to get any benefit for myself but is to tell the individuals about the services offered by ACT.

  3. Thanks a lot for this blog. I happened to consider ACT as my next ISP but now its past tense. Hope this blog is read by everyone who considers ACT for broadband.

  4. Hi,

    I have got a new Act BB connection on 22/08/2013.

    Acc No :412315

    I have been clearly told by Marketing executive Mr Ramachandra that my connection is a post-paid and I have confirmed it more than thrice. I have the document which says its a post-paid connection.

    Now , all of a sudden within 10 days i get to know that ACT has changed my post paid plan to pre-paid and i am asked to pay advance rental for next month.

    My question here is who has authorised ACT BB to change my plan from POST PAID to PRE-PAID….even if it was done i was never kept informed about it!!!!

    I have raised several complaints but those never fall to their deaf ears….Nodal Officer Kiran Kumar from Act BB has been as dumb as he can be!!! He called up on a early sunday morning as to y i had posted my complaint!!! Now when i explained him the scenario, he never turned up again!!!

    Well Marketing exec Ramachandra is cheating ppl saying false committments and just making them pay money and even many a times connection is not even provided!!!

    I want to stop this non sense from ACT BB who are spreading like a Virus. Through this forum i want to say dont buy Act bb iF u want to waste ur money ,then pls donate to charity rather than these crap frauds !!!

    ACT BB should be fined for cheating ppl!!! i have decided that i will let every one in my apartment know that ACT is a fraud bb and i have even posted on my company portal so that no 1 else suffers like this !!!!

    Time to teach ACT bb a lesson!!!

    Never trust these A** ho***

    1. Hello Nitin,

      Thank you with this Eye opening comment.
      I tried with simple call to enquire for the new connection to ACT and it was most pathetic experience .

      I am quite happy with my existing Airtel connection.
      Thanks and Regards



  6. ACT sucks big time, was using their service in Indiranagar, every time i had a issue [which was every month practically] i would call their customer service, be assured of immediate service which would be an ongoing process till i personally land up in their office and drag one of their so called tech to fix the issue. A complete bunch of unprofessional idiots… the management really need to look into their after sales team, train them in every aspect. ACT broadband speed is quite decent, but with the after service… i think they are loosing out. Having moved my office to a new location… i did call ACT and its been a month since i got a response, Airtel thumbs up to you guys for a decent professional service.

  7. ACT Broadband Service is very very wast …. Pls Don’t Take these Connection …..!
    from last 3 days there is no internet connection …….. ????
    Because these we lost the Project of these blade service ….
    I’m requesting to All Indians please don’t go with these Stupid Service …….

  8. Hi Everybody,

    On September 2nd my Laptop was burnt away while using ACT Broadband connection. Nagaraj(Team leader) of ACT asked narendra to take pics of burnt Laptop and also box which was set up in the upstairs to which power back up was used from my house. They sent pictures of the burnt to Nodal officers (Kiran Kumar,Ravi and Mohan), they promised me that a new Laptop will be given to me because it is of their mistake. Since then I am following them for at least 45 times through telephone and 25 mails from my email id regarding replacement of my Laptop. There is no response from them. Please tell me what to do in this case. Some body please help me to overcome this problem.

    ACT Broadband is one of worst service ever faced. Please ask them to set up the boxes on the upstairs and never give battery back up.

    1. Please put in a mail warning them and giving a deadline for them to act, also mention that you would take legal disciplinary action… if you don’t get revert within that deadline

      Please lodge a case along with the proofs in consumer forum and demand for the amount… thatz fast n easy

  9. ACT Broadband Service is very very worst, my Laptop is burst due to backup power supply given to the ACT. They promised me to replace a new Laptop, until now there is no reply from them. Please I request every one not to take ACT Broadband connection.

  10. You are giving me goosebumps … how can the router backup can burn the laptop … are you saying that … the battery is capable of generating such a huge current which can burn the laptop.

  11. hi guys, my name is kumar, i am planing to take a new act connection near to rajajinagar area, shivanhalli, can any one plz tell me how the speed will be, if any issue in connection i f we complain how soon the service will be done, if their is any other broadband service better than this also can guide me

    1. Hi Leela,

      ACT in terms of the speed is good and it should be good everywhere in Bangalore. There are other things worth noticing, which I have pointed out in the post already and are quite standard for ACT any and every where in bangalore. Best of Luck. My Broadband Plan is of 40GB and I got my speed reduced well in advance I consumed 40GB. from Last 3 days I am running on 512Kbps plan and my usage it is showing as of yesterday is 38GB. Usage

      1. Well now they removed the usage page itself in place of correcting the problems in usage reporting … Great.

  12. In a city like Bangalore, where people live on rented flats installation of new connection is of similar importance as the transfer of connection. ACT being a very sales focused team, they casually avoid providing services to customer.

    Recently I have moved to a new place and have applied for the transfer of connection . I raised my request of transfer by a call to customer care on November 14. I was asked to state address so that ACT team will verify the location and feasibility in addition to owner’s permission and hence will be liable of collection the transfer amount. Transfer amount was collected on 16th Nov.

    After two long weeks I did not receive any follow ups from ACT. After me following up on my request, a person called me saying he will be fixing the box. I took leave from office and stayed back waiting for the guy, he came and said that he only wanted to verify building. Second day a different person came to fix the box which also didn’t require my presence, but I was asked to come down from office. I had to take permission from owner for fixing the box(This should have done by ACT team prior to collecting money)

    After taking two consecutive leaves from office, my request is still unresolved. Now when I escalated the issue, I am given point of contact as Harish who had assured me of resolving my request yesterday as he agreed on the delay in resolving request. In spite of all the assurances received request remains unresolved till now. When I follow up with him today, he comes up with a reason stating some permission issues. Should I be happy or satisfied to hear such reasons on my follow ups after waiting for 20 long days?

  13. Interesting. My wife is moving to Bangalore. Can someone recommend what a good broad band service would be? Is it Hathaway?

  14. Hey,
    I’m considering ACT as my next ISP.
    I’m located in Jayanagar 1st block, Near Madhavan park.
    Can anyone let me know if the connection is good over here ? will there be frequent downtime ? the reviews above creeped me out, but its 2014 now, so I’m hoping there has been some improvement ?

  15. I was contemplating a new broadband connection their rep visited me, after clarifying my technical doubts, he insisted on my pan card copy and signature proof for getting a connection! I told him to get lost.

    As far as I know they have no right to ask for these documents, all they can ask is a photo id / address proof. Consulted a legal eagle, says that this is malpractice!

    They asked me to pay upfront one month rent + installation charges! I will stick with good old BSNL who is reliable and has near 100% uptime!

  16. Thanks for the blog.

    I had almost made up my mind to go with ACT broadband. But I thought that I should read the reviews first.
    Thank god I did that.
    After reading through your pains, I am definitely not going to take ACT broadband connection.
    If the after sales service is not good, no point in taking that service..
    For all of you who are struck with various problems with ACT, threaten them of a case in Consumer Court. This generally does the trick.
    Tell them that you know about National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission etc and will file a case. Once they know that you are serious, the service is most probability will be faster!!

  17. I fail to understand the despicable customer service, the false commitments and the barring of calls. I am a new customer that was easily fooled by the false commitment made by the Tech Rep of Indiranagar branch and said, he will set it up in 3/4 days max. When the said period ended, he conveniently bars my calls and totally ignores them. I speak to another Tech Rep that says – I dunno madam, talk to iqbal. I would if he only he picked up my calls. Then i made a call to rajajinagar head office – says talk to Indiranagar office and gave me a phone no. – so everyone’s passing the buck without caring about the actual problem. It is truly frustrating to know that I am unable to do anything about the situation except wait for heavens to send down a tech to activate my account. There is not one person of authority who can whiplash their reps. and make them do their job professionally. Had i known this earlier, i would not have committed paying 6 months advance for their connection. How do i lodge a complain in consumer forum.. can someone guide me?

  18. Thank you for saving so many people from this cheaters. They should know what bad customer service will result in. Good job dude

  19. I don’t understand that how a company can survive without pleasing it’s customers and that too a company that is starting out. Bunch of idiots these companies to think that in this day and age people don’t read reviews before jumping to spend their cash.

    Maybe it is publicly listed company burning public’s cash. Thanks for the review. I will use Airtel BB or mobile 3G rather than spoil my piece of mind.

  20. Don’t go for ACT Worst Service…
    Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Service…

    Please friends Don’t go they are cheating…

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