How To: Install Ubuntu in VMWare Player

Install Ubuntu in VMWare Player

When someone is looking for a development or test environment where he don’t want to disturb his current setup by installing the additional software, the virtualization is the best thing, which comes in his mind. There are many virtualization platforms out there in the market like VMWare and Hyper-V etc. I use the VMWare extensively for my development environments, like PHP Development Environment or the SharePoint Development Environment.

In case you, are interested in similar sort of setup, all you need is to buy the VMWare Workstation (I personally recommend, get it from here) or use one of the many free / opensource virtualization platforms like VirtualBox. Here with this post I am demonstrating the setup of the Ubuntu (Download Ubuntu) Linux as guest OS in VMWare Player (it will be similar for the VMWare Workstation). You can follow the below video see the setup instructions.

As it is shown in the video above the installation steps are very much similar to the one which anybody will follow, while installing any OS in physical machine. The only thing which you need to learn is what should be the configuration of the Virtual Machine you are creating. There are people out there who use this kind of virtualization to even run a full fledged development environment. This helps them separate out there development environment with the general use environment, keeping there host machine neat and clean. One more benefit, as identified by many people is that you can easily migrate one environment from one machine to another machine with all its configurations.

Hope you will enjoy your virtual environment whether it is for development or testing or whatever purpose it solves for you.

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