HTML Application (HTA) – Email IDs Extractor

I have written this application for them who want a simple and clean tool for extracting the Email IDs from a text content. Actually, I was myself in need of such a tool from long time, since I got a requirement to create a Database of Email IDs from Internet. I tried a lot of tools available on the Internet, but they all were too complex that one can find himself troubled very soon with them. So I thought of writing one myself, which is simple and usable by anyone with a basic knowledge of application. But, the big question was which language or platform to pick for this. The Answer was HTML using JavaScript and VBScript.

Here I am going to tell you how to use this simple but useful tool. Firstly download the application from here.

So you got the RAR archive containing the tool. When you run the tool you will see the screen as shown here:


After welcome Screen you will see a prompt telling you that you don’t have any previously saved email ids in the database:


Click Ok and you are ready to scrab any text containing the Email IDs. Just grab some text containing the Email IDs and paste it in the left hand side textbox and press enter.


Here you go … you got all the unique Email IDs fetched from the text and collected in the right hand side list in fraction of seconds. This tool is smart enough that it will also not create a duplicate database entry of an existing Email ID. When ever you reopen the Email IDs Extractor it will maintain the previously saved Email IDs till the emailids.txt file exists in the same location as that of the tool (the database is text file based).

Whenever you need to use the database just open the emailids.txt in any text editor and use them.

So simple it is right !!!

I hope you will enjoy this tool. Don’t hesitate to drop me an Email if you get any trouble using it. I will be upgrading this tool according to the response I will get.