Great Indian Developer Summit 2009


Four well packed days with Information and Technology that too latest in trend and which is going to change the future is called Great Indian Developer Summit 2009. Not only that, thousands of participants, 75+ presentations on technologies, 15+ Labs driven by experts from all over the globe and all this organized by media leader Saltmarch Media in a great environment of IISC, Bangalore.

DAY 2:
Rich Internet Applications

This year also as the previous years it has came to prove that whatever new in a developer’s mind comes has been achieved and has not only given satisfaction to him but to the consumer too.

As a Developer & Designer, I pulled myself in the second day of the summit because this day the experts were gonna talk about RIA (Rich Internet Application), the future of web applications. On this particular day GIDS talked about following topics:

Web 2.0 & Social Applications
Enterprise 2.0
Social Networking
Ajax In Action
Dynamic Scripting
Browsers & Rich UI
Rich Web Security
Rich Web Stories

There were five parallel sessions going on at a time, so I was not able to attend every session. But I was able to focus myself to the session of my interest. I am a developer on Microsoft platform and having a keen interest in new Microsoft Technologies, so picked up sessions targeted on Silverlight 3.

I have attended following sessions:

Unravelling the New in Microsoft Silverlight 3
Nahas Mohammed star1star1star1star1
Deep Dive – Microsoft Silverlight Pipelines
Praveen Srivatsa star1star1star1
Building Rich UI using ASP.Net AJAX, AXAJ Control Toolkit & jQuery
Harish Ranganathan star1star1star1star1
Reusable Components for Building Killer RIAs (on Adobe Flex)
Anirudh Sasikumar star1star1star1

You might be thinking that when I am talking about Microsoft Silverlight, what I was doing in the session for the Flex. The reason is very simple, when you have the chance to learn new technologies and side by side compare them with similar technologies, why shouldn’t? So before leaving for the day I grabbed this opportunity too. I have also rated the presenters along with their contents. All over here I would like to say that I had a nice Thursday. The biggest takeaway for me was numerous seed of growth opportunities, which is a result of combined efforts of huge exposure to technology and GIDS.

To conclude this post here I would like to encourage the readers to participate in this kind of events. These events not only give you a chance to explore the new and happening world around you, but also provide a good networking environment, which in terms help you grow in your career.